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These earlier adopters inherited some property in Florida in early 2018, and immediately made plans to farm. 

Sean Hocking

Rod Kight heads up his own cannabis practice in North Carolina. He's a great writer and speaker and proponent for sensibly legislated cannabis & hemp law throughout North America. Rod's opinions are always independent, sharply realized and always framed with a keen sense of social justice.


"Rod Kight was an integral part in helping me start my first business. He explained everything I needed to know in a clear and insightful manner, guiding me through the process of setting up my LLC. I recommend highly!"


"The depth of Rod's knowledge and experience cannot be overstated, and we're fortunate to have an advocate for sensible reform (instead of misinformed hysteria) right here in North Carolina."

The Client

I had been representing Gina's design studio and she had been building my firm's websites for nearly a decade when she inherited property that had been dormant in her family for generations. We lead Gina and her family based farm through all the steps from acquisition to implementation.  She will  join in what will be the first woman dominated trillion dollar industry in America's history. 

The Result

We helped successfully 

Great legal advocacy for the cannabis industry

Legal thought leadership for the cannabis industry backed by nearly two decades of business consultancy experience.