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Is the DEA About to Issue a Rule About Delta-8 THC and Other Hemp Derivatives?

During its annual Supply Chain Conference, the DEA announced that it is “in the process of modifying its regulations” on cannabis constituents. In addition to discussing fentanyl and new synthetic opioids, the DEA addressed “synthetic cannabinoids”, which the DEA contends includes delta-8 THC derived from CBD in addition to “Spice” and “Bath Salts”.

Did New York’s Office of Cannabis Management Just Overreach on Hemp Cannabinoids?

Although the New York Cannabis Control Board is permitted by law to prohibit certain products or classes of products derived from cannabinoid hemp, it remains unclear how it would prohibit “high THC hemp products” that satisfy the definitions set forth in the state’s cannabis laws.

Rod Discusses International Cannabis Trade, Hemp v Big Marijuana, and other Topics on the Karma Koala Podcast [Podcast]

I recently got an opportunity to discuss a wide range of current cannabis issues, including the international cannabis trade and the US battle between hemp and Big Marijuana, with Sean Hocking of the Karma Koala Podcast. Despite the heady issues, our conversation was casual and I even got to choose three songs to accompany the podcast.