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ATACH Uses “Reefer Madness” Fear Mongering in Court Filing Against Hemp Industry

Corporate marijuana monopolists and their lobbying organizations, including ATACH, are desperately attempting to close off competition under the guise of protecting consumers. The real issue is not safety, but rather an attempt by a small group of corporate interests to control a valuable and emerging cannabis market that should belong to everyone.

Rod Discusses THCa, Hemp Beverages, and the Future of Hemp with Gary Kaminsky on the High Spirits Podcast [PODCAST]

Hemp is a way out of the corner that the cannabis industry has painted itself into. Everyone, from multinational MSOs to convenience chains to small-town mom and pop shops and even individual talented growers, can participate in the booming market for legal hemp, which is to say legal cannabis.

Yes, the Hemp Industry Wants Reasonable Regulations

The hemp industry has been the subject of a smear campaign based on unfounded allegations that it is unregulated and that it opposes regulations. Both of these claims are untrue. The hemp industry is highly regulated by both federal and state laws. Additionally, the hemp industry favors reasonable regulations regarding product safety, consumer safety, and access by minors.