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Rod Discusses Schedule 3 and Hemp vs Marijuana on the Texas Hemp Show [Video Podcast]

May 15, 2024
Rod discusses Schedule III and the “civil war” between hemp and marijuana with Russel Dowden and Rachel Nelson of the Texas Hemp Show on this podcast.

A New Vision for Cannabis Reform (VIDEO)

April 24, 2024
I gave a keynote speech at the NoCo Hemp Expo where I propose a new paradigm for cannabis reform in which the “hemp model” provides the quickest and most straightforward pathway to full legalization. I also propose a new regulatory system for hemp, and eventually all cannabis, which I call the Three Pillars Approach.

Rod Discusses THCa and Legalization in New Documentary [Video]

April 8, 2024
I was interviewed at length about THCa and cannabis legalization in a new documentary entitled, “The Shocking Story of THCA & Cannabis Legalization EXPOSED” by longtime cannabis entrepreneur and documentary film-maker, Luc Carlin.

Rod Goes Deep About the Future of Hemp and Cannabis on the Cole Memo [Video Podcast]

April 5, 2024
I discuss the past, present, and future of hemp and cannabis policy on a recent episode of the Cole Memo Podcast. I was asked a range of good questions about topics that I’m usually not asked in this type of forum. I hope you enjoy the conversation.

THCa, Cannabinoids, and the Intersection of Business and Criminal Law- A Discussion Between Rod Kight and Phil Dixon [Video Podcast]

March 28, 2024
I recently had a deep discussion about THCa, minor cannabinoids, lab testing, probable cause, the FDA, trademark infringement, and other pertinent cannabis/hemp law issues.

Youth and Cannabis- Watch This Important PSA About Access to Hemp by Minors (Video)

February 12, 2024
The hemp industry supports reasonable regulations. Watch this important PSA about limiting access to hemp products by minors produced by our client, Mood Product Group.

Rod Discusses Hemp, the Future of Cannabis, and International Trade with Sean Hocking (Podcast)

January 29, 2024
I recently spoke with Sean Hocking, founder of Cannabis Law Report and the Karma Koala Podcast, about hemp, the future of cannabis, and international trade.

Rod Discusses Cannabis Policy with Lukas Gilkey of Hometown Hero (video podcast)

January 23, 2024
I recently sat down with my friend and client Lukas Gilkey, one of the founders of Hometown Hero, to discuss hemp policy and the the future of cannabis.

Rod Discusses THCa, Hemp Beverages, and the Future of Hemp with Gary Kaminsky on the High Spirits Podcast [PODCAST]

October 4, 2023
Hemp is a way out of the corner that the cannabis industry has painted itself into. Everyone, from multinational MSOs to convenience chains to small-town mom and pop shops and even individual talented growers, can participate in the booming market for legal hemp, which is to say legal cannabis.

Rod and Lukas Gilkey of Hometown Hero Discuss the Big Marijuana v Hemp Civil War, FDA, and the Future of Cannabis [Video]

April 21, 2023
Watch my in-depth conversation with Lukas Gilkey of Hometown Hero about hemp and cannabis issues, including the Civil War between Big Marijuana and the Hemp Industry.

Rod Discusses International Cannabis Trade, Hemp v Big Marijuana, and other Topics on the Karma Koala Podcast [Podcast]

April 10, 2023
I recently got an opportunity to discuss a wide range of current cannabis issues, including the international cannabis trade and the US battle between hemp and Big Marijuana, with Sean Hocking of the Karma Koala Podcast. Despite the heady issues, our conversation was casual and I even got to choose three songs to accompany the podcast.

Rod Discusses Minor Cannabinoids and the DEA [Video]

March 17, 2023
This post contains the full-length video discussion I recently had about novel cannabinoids and the DEA with Christopher Ware, founder of KCA Laboratories, and Jody McGinness, Executive Director of the HIA. Thanks to the HIA for putting on this webinar and for allowing me to share it.

Rod Discusses THCa Flower with Shayda Torabi on the To Be Blunt Podcast

January 30, 2023
“You gotta go into this with eyes open, and if you’re gonna go into it, you need to make sure that you’re well educated.” – Rod Kight

Rod Discusses THCa and Other Hemp Issues with JD McCormick of American Healthy Alternatives (Video Podcast)

December 19, 2022
In this video podcast, Rod Kight discusses THCa, the 2023 Farm Bill, international cannabis law, and other important and emerging issues in the cannabis and hemp industry with JD McCormick, founder of the American Healthy Alternatives Association.

The International D8 Line

December 2, 2022
When is it legal to travel abroad with delta-8 THC or to sell it to customers outside the US? The answer is not very complicated.

Rod Discusses Hemp in NC with Charlotte NPR (Podcast)

August 2, 2022
In this podcast, Rod discusses the current state of hemp and marijuana in North Carolina with industry experts Bert James and Dr. Guochen Yang for the Charlotte Talks podcast on NPR station WFAE (90.7 FM).

Rod’s Keynote speech: Perils Facing the Hemp and Cannabinoid Industry [Video]

June 23, 2022
In this keynote speech Rod addresses perils facing the hemp industry, including the threat posed by Big Marijuana, cannabis associations that purport to advocate for hemp while promoting corporate marijuana interests, and the current crisis for hemp in NC. Rod also discusses important federal law issues and practical recommendations for the hemp industry.

The Hemp Industry (Including D8) Needs Your Support to Defeat the DEA (Video)

April 5, 2022
Members of the legal team suing the DEA recently discussed the case, why it is critical to the hemp industry’s survival, and what a loss would mean for hemp companies across the nation. Watch the video here.

Age Verification, Delta-8 THC, and Intoxicating Hemp Products (Video)

March 15, 2022
Should delta-8 THC and other intoxicating hemp products be sold by convenience stores and other retailers? How can they be marketed and regulated to ensure that they are both safe and not easily obtained by minors? I discuss these and other issues in a recent video podcast on the CPG & CBD University Podcast.

Kight Law Attorney Philip Snow On the Future of Delta-8 THC and Other Cannabinoids (Video)

February 7, 2022
Watch an in-depth discussion about delta-8 THC and other cannabinoids, state regulation of hemp, and medical marijuana with Kight Law attorney Philip Snow and Joe Agostinelli of the CPG & CBD University Podcast.

Will 2022 Be a Stormy Year for Cannabis? (VIDEO AND ARTICLE)

January 3, 2022
I am fortunate enough to speak with clients, attorneys, and other experts in the cannabis industry on a daily basis and have some thoughts about what we can expect for cannabis (by which I mean both “hemp” and “marijuana”) in 2002.

Rod Discusses D8, Federal Legalization, and the Future of CBD on the C3 Podcast (Video)

September 27, 2021
Rod discusses delta-8 THC, federal legalization, and the future of CBD on the C3 Higher Learning LV podcast with Curt Robbins and Dena Putnam.

Are Precision Fermented Cannabinoids an Existential Threat to the Cannabis Industry? (Podcast)

September 15, 2021
Are Precision Fermented Cannabinoids (PFC) an Existential Threat to the Cannabis Industry?…

Rod Discusses Cannabis Banking, Taxation, Federal Legalization, and Mexico With CannaBiz Connect (Video)

July 16, 2021
I recently discussed cannabis banking, taxation, federal legalization, and cannabis legalization in Mexico with Earl Carruthers of CannaBiz Connect. You can watch the of our conversation video here.

Rod Discusses Psychedelics and Cannabis On “How to Launch an Industry” (Podcast)

June 21, 2021
“How to Launch an Industry”, created and hosted by my friends, Dr. Jahan Marcu and Dr. Nigam Arora, is one of the most intelligent and creative podcasts I’ve encountered about the psychedelics and cannabis industries. I was a recent guest on the June 14 episode, “Profit and Laws”. 

Rod Discusses Legal Challenges Facing Hemp and CBD with The CBD Guide (Podcast)

June 8, 2021
Listen to an in-depth conversation about the challenges facing hemp and CBD businesses with Rod Kight and Scott Hawksworth of The CBD Guide.

Rod Discusses Delta-8 THC with The CBD Association (Video)

May 24, 2021
I recently discussed hemp-derived delta-8 THC with attorneys Matt Lewis and Morgan Davis of The CBD Association, a 501(c)6) nonprofit trade association that promotes strong and viable CBD and cannabinoid industries in the United States and internationally. A video of our conversation is embedded in this post.

Rod Kight and Shane Pennington Discuss DEA Lawsuit (Video)

May 17, 2021
The HIA recently hosted a video webinar to provide information about the case. I discussed the litigation with my colleague and friend, Shane Pennington, of the Vicente-Sederberg law firm. The hour-long webinar was moderated by HIA Executive Director Jody McGinniss. You can watch it here.

Happy 420!

April 20, 2021
Happy 420 from Rod and Ashley Kight (and Ripley)!

Rod Discusses Total THC and Certificates of Analysis with RiskScout and Abundant Labs (Video)

April 1, 2021
Rod recently took part in a legal and scientific discussion of certificates of analysis and Total THC with Abundant Labs and RiskScout. Watch the video here.