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Rod Discusses D8, Federal Legalization, and the Future of CBD on the C3 Podcast (Video)

September 27, 2021
Rod discusses delta-8 THC, federal legalization, and the future of CBD on the C3 Higher Learning LV podcast with Curt Robbins and Dena Putnam.

Are Precision Fermented Cannabinoids an Existential Threat to the Cannabis Industry? (Podcast)

September 15, 2021
Are Precision Fermented Cannabinoids (PFC) an Existential Threat to the Cannabis Industry?…

Rod Discusses Cannabis Banking, Taxation, Federal Legalization, and Mexico With CannaBiz Connect (Video)

July 16, 2021
I recently discussed cannabis banking, taxation, federal legalization, and cannabis legalization in Mexico with Earl Carruthers of CannaBiz Connect. You can watch the of our conversation video here.

Rod Discusses Psychedelics and Cannabis On “How to Launch an Industry” (Podcast)

June 21, 2021
“How to Launch an Industry”, created and hosted by my friends, Dr. Jahan Marcu and Dr. Nigam Arora, is one of the most intelligent and creative podcasts I’ve encountered about the psychedelics and cannabis industries. I was a recent guest on the June 14 episode, “Profit and Laws”. 

Rod Discusses Legal Challenges Facing Hemp and CBD with The CBD Guide (Podcast)

June 8, 2021
Listen to an in-depth conversation about the challenges facing hemp and CBD businesses with Rod Kight and Scott Hawksworth of The CBD Guide.

Rod Discusses Delta-8 THC with The CBD Association (Video)

May 24, 2021
I recently discussed hemp-derived delta-8 THC with attorneys Matt Lewis and Morgan Davis of The CBD Association, a 501(c)6) nonprofit trade association that promotes strong and viable CBD and cannabinoid industries in the United States and internationally. A video of our conversation is embedded in this post.

Rod Kight and Shane Pennington Discuss DEA Lawsuit (Video)

May 17, 2021
The HIA recently hosted a video webinar to provide information about the case. I discussed the litigation with my colleague and friend, Shane Pennington, of the Vicente-Sederberg law firm. The hour-long webinar was moderated by HIA Executive Director Jody McGinniss. You can watch it here.

Happy 420!

April 20, 2021
Happy 420 from Rod and Ashley Kight (and Ripley)!

Rod Discusses Total THC and Certificates of Analysis with RiskScout and Abundant Labs (Video)

April 1, 2021
Rod recently took part in a legal and scientific discussion of certificates of analysis and Total THC with Abundant Labs and RiskScout. Watch the video here.

Rod Discusses the Changing Regulatory Environment of Cannabis (Podcast)

March 22, 2021
In this podcast, hosted by John Bruford of CBD-Intel, Rod discusses cannabis regulation in the US, including the new Administration, the FDA, state laws, and related topics.

Cannabis and Cars- Scientific and Legal Implications of Cannabis Use and Driving (Video)

February 16, 2021
In this video podcast, Rod discusses the intersection of law and science that arises from cannabis use and driving. Traditional DUI tests are primarily oriented towards detecting alcohol impairment. Do these tests work for cannabis impairment? If not, is it possible to create cannabis-specific testing protocols, and accompanying laws and regulations, that accurately measure impairment while not unjustly criminalizing unimpaired cannabis users? 


January 21, 2021
In this video, Rod discusses delta-8 THC, CBD and cannabis in Europe and Mexico, the role of international treaties in cannabis reform, California’s Proposition 65, and the FDA’s position on CBD, among other cannabis issues.

Rod Discusses Cannabis and Psychedelics on “How To Launch An Industry” Podcast

December 20, 2020
Listen to Rod and other industry experts discuss the dichotomy between patenting psychedelics compounds and promoting free and open research, the complexities of South American cannabis in Europe, the 12,000 year old relationship between humans and psychedelics, a side by side comparison of two hallucinogenic substances, and how well various cannabinoids permeate the skin.

Watch Rod on the Cannabinoid Connect Podcast (Video)

August 12, 2020
I recently had a wide-ranging discussion about cannabinoids, hemp, and marijuana with Kevin Carrillo of the Cannabinoid Connect podcast. Watch it here.

Rod Kight on the “Plants to Plants” Hemp Processing Seminar (Video)

July 15, 2020
Rod Kight discusses hemp with Emmett McGregor of SciPhy Systems for the season finale of the “Plants to Plants” hemp processing seminar series.

Talking Cannabis (Podcast)

May 25, 2020
I recently had an in depth discussion with Maynard Breslow of Dank Discussions Podcast. We discussed a number of important topics currently facing the cannabis industry.

COVID Claims & Financial Strains (Podcast)

May 18, 2020
I recently had a great discussion with Andrew Bish and Chad Frey of the Taking Root hemp podcast. We discussed a number of topics, including FDA claims and how hemp and CBD companies can weather the current financial storm.

Happy 420 from Kight Law

April 20, 2020
April 20 has rapidly evolved into a multifaceted, global celebration of cannabis that emphasizes unity, the power of grass-roots advocacy, and a world in which social justice and a sustainable future can be achieved.

Rod Discusses USDA Hemp Regulation with New Frontier Data (Video)

April 17, 2020
I had a great time discussing the USDA’s hemp regulations with John Kagia and Jake Sitler on April 22, 2020. The webinar was hosted by New Frontier Data. You can watch it here.
Rod Kight Cancer Survivor Story

Rod Kight Cancer Survivor Story

April 12, 2020
Rod talks about using cannabis during his battle with cancer.
Rod Kight - Legal Pioneer of Hemp & CBD

Rod Kight – Legal Pioneer of Hemp & CBD

April 2, 2020
Rod discusses his passion for cannabis and deep experience representing hemp and CBD businesses.
Why the popular hemp test is the wrong hemp test.

Why the Popular Hemp Test Is the Wrong Hemp Test

March 22, 2020
Rod talks about the importance of using the proper analytical test for determining THC potency in hemp.
The Cannabis Business Law Firm for You

The Cannabis Business Law Firm for You

March 2, 2020
Rod discusses the 2018 Farm Bill’s effect on hemp.
Advocacy for the cannabis plant.

Advocacy for “The Plant”

February 22, 2020
Rod talks about the cannabis plant’s benefits and why it needs advocates.
Defining Cannabis' Legal Industry

Defining Cannabis’ Legal Industry

February 2, 2020
Rod discusses how he became a cannabis business lawyer.
Is CBD legal in 2020? CB school podcast

CBD School Podcast – #112: Is CBD Legal in 2020? w/ Cannabis Lawyer Rod Kight

January 24, 2020
Rod discusses the intricacies of CBD’s legal status with Vadim Federovsky of the CBD School.
Paving the way for legal hemp and cbd.

Paving the Way for Legal Hemp & CBD

January 22, 2020
Rod discusses his development of the Source Rule for CBD and how his cannabis practice evolved.
Kindred Spirit to Hemp and Marijuana Farmers

Kindred Spirit to Hemp & Marijuana Farmers

January 22, 2020
Rod discusses his respect for hemp farmers.
CBD University Podcast featuring Rod Kight

CBD University Podcast Episode 10 – Introducing the American Journal of Endocannabinoid Medicine

January 6, 2020
Rod talks CBD and hemp with Vadim Federeovsky of CBD University.

Top 5 Cannabis Predictions for 2020

January 2, 2020
2020 will be a historic and transformative year for cannabis, particularly for hemp and CBD. Here are my top 5 predictions.