CBD, Hemp, and the FDA- The Video Primer You Need (by Klee Irwin)

Klee Irwin, founder of Irwin Naturals, gives an overview of CBD, Hemp, and the FDA.

The video below summarizes hemp and CBD law so well that everyone in the industry should watch it.

I’ve been working with Klee Irwin, founder of Irwin Naturals, and his excellent team for over a year on hemp and CBD issues. Klee sent me this video to review before publishing it. I thought it was so good that I asked for permission to post it on my blog. In an engaging 15 minutes Klee teases out and summarizes the pertinent issues regarding hemp and CBD that everyone should know. I strongly encourage you to watch.

February 10, 2019

Klee Irwin is an author, physicist and entrepreneur. He is the founder and owner of Irwin Naturals, an award-winning global natural supplement company providing alternative health and healing products sold in thousands of retailers ranging from Walmart to Whole Foods. Klee dedicates the majority of his time to Quantum Gravity Research (QGR), a research institute he founded in 2009. The mission of the organization is to discover the geometric first-principles unification of space, time, matter, energy, information and consciousness.

Rod Kight is an attorney who represents lawful cannabis businesses. He speaks at cannabis conferences across the country, drafts and presents cannabis legislation to foreign governments, is regularly quoted on cannabis matters in the media, and maintains the Kight on Cannabis legal blog, where he discusses legal issues affecting the cannabis industry. You can contact him here.

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