MG Magazine Names Rod Among Top 30 Powerful Cannabis Litigators

mg magazine named one of 30 Powerful cannabis litigatorS to know.

I am pleased and honored to have been named among some of my favorite colleagues as one of the 30 “Powerful Litigators You Should Know” by MG Magazine.

Rod’s litigation experience helps him design deals that avoid common pitfalls.

As stated by MG Magazine, “In business, any relationship–with vendors, suppliers, employees, customers, or competitors–is subject to misunderstanding and miscommunication that can result in litigation. In the burgeoning legal cannabis industry, the opportunity for such occurrences is greatly pronounced.” To be sure, I have done my share of litigation over the years. It’s usually a “last resort” option. I find that thoughtful and strategic negotiation can usually avoid the extraordinary time and expense involved in dragging a case through the court system. In that sense, the looming prospect of litigation often aids disputing parties to resolve their differences. Additionally, viewing a new business venture through the lens of hypothetical future litigation if the venture were to fall apart is a good exercise in creating a comprehensive and focused legal structure for the deal. In this respect, litigation experience is vital to dealmaking.

You can read the article here.

February 6, 2019

Rod Kight is an attorney who represents lawful cannabis businesses. He speaks at cannabis conferences across the country, drafts and presents cannabis legislation to foreign governments, is regularly quoted on cannabis matters in the media, and maintains the Kight on Cannabis legal blog, where he discusses legal issues affecting the cannabis industry. You can contact him here.

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