Meet Philip Snow

Associate Attorney, Licensed in Colorado

Philip has been involved in the cannabis industry since 2011. He began his career in cannabis as an attorney for Vicente Sederberg, LLC, a cannabis-only law firm. Philip worked with clients in both existing and emerging markets and in a variety of regulatory environments across the United States. Philip also assisted in the application and licensing process for numerous entities across the country. He was part of Colorado’s historic Amendment 64 Campaign, which worked with the Marijuana Policy Project to allow the use and possession of cannabis for adults over the age of 21. Lastly, during his time at the law firm he was appointed to a working group that was responsible for creating and implementing regulations for infused products in Colorado.

After working at the law firm for three years, Philip became In-House Counsel for MJardin, LLC, an international cannabis cultivation management company. As In-House Counsel, Philip prepared business license applications for entities in highly regulated emerging markets such as New York, Illinois, Hawaii, Florida, and Nevada. Application materials addressed not only the physical requirements of these businesses, but more importantly, the compliance requirements and procedures for obtaining and maintaining licensure in these jurisdictions.

After working as In-House Counsel for three years, Philip joined Canna Advisors, LLC, a national cannabis consulting company that assists applicants in obtaining licensure in new markets. During his time there he worked with numerous applicants who were seeking licenses through highly competitive application processes. This work allowed him to become acquainted with even more regulatory frameworks and compliance requirements.

Prior to joining Kight Law Office, PC, in 2019, Philip started his own law practice in Colorado in 2018. His time in the cannabis industry has exposed him to constantly evolving regulations which seek to balance public safety concerns with the ability for patients to gain access to medicine to treat their debilitating conditions. As someone who has seen the benefits of medical marijuana on a first-hand basis, Philip believes that everyone should have access to what helps them the most. Using his background and skills as an attorney he has been able to assist others as they attempt to navigate regulations in hopes of setting up businesses to provide safe and responsible access for everyone.

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