Hemp Hootenany at Franny’s Farm was a Huge Success

Hemp Hootenany was a big success this year and a great way to celebrate Hemp History Week. I enjoyed speaking on a panel and also had the unique pleasure of combining work and music because my rock band, Hard Rocket, played the event. (Coach Freddy even joined us on the washboard.) Ashley and I saw and hung out with many friends and clients.

Many thanks to Blake Butler and Jill Lieberman (HempX), Francis and Jeff Tacy (Franny’s Farm), and all of the other sponsors, supporters, speakers, vendors, and attendees for making it a truly (inter)national event that also focused on the burgeoning NC hemp industry. Here are some pictures. (I take full credit for all of the awful ones.)

Rod and Ashley enjoyed Hemp Hootenany at Franny’s Farm.
Rod and Lulee Abraira discuss hemp.
Justin Hamilton (Hempleton), Will Oseroff (Blue Ridge Hemp), Brian Bullman (Kingdom Harvest), and Blake Butler (HempX) discuss the business of hemp and CBD.
Coach Freddy joined my band, Hard Rocket, on stage for a jam.
It was great to connect with friends and fellow hemp advocates, like Luciano Mocciola and Cesar Castillero.

Rod Kight is a lawyer based in Asheville, NC. He is licensed in North Carolina and Oregon and represents legal cannabis businesses. You can contact him by clicking here.

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