Kight Law Announces New 50 State Hemp Product and THCa Spreadsheet

You need Kight Law’s new 50 State Hemp Product Spreadsheet.

At Kight Law, we spend every day working directly with our clients to help them navigate the rapidly evolving cannabis industry. The most difficult issue our hemp clients face is keeping up with various state laws regarding hemp, including understanding where their products can be sold, requirements for labeling and registration, and discerning the legal provisions that each state uses to regulate hemp products. Dealing with 50 different state laws and regulations can be a nightmare, which is why we completely revised and updated our 50 State Hemp Spreadsheet and 50 State THCa Spreadsheet and combined them into one new, easy-reference document. Additionally, and unlike other law firms that charge a monthly subscription fee, our spreadsheet is an easy-to-use Google Document that instantly updates for you whenever we make a change. For one flat fee, you can have the most up-to-date 50 state hemp spreadsheet from your trusted hemp law source.

We also routinely prepare legal opinion letters for hemp products, including THCa, and we have other flat-fee documents that clients have found useful, such as a THCa informational documents for your customers and a hemp shipping cover letter. 

Click here and complete our short “Contact Rod Kight” form to learn more about obtaining our 50 State Hemp Product Spreadsheet and/or any of the other resources we offer. 

November 17, 2023



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