Marijuana Labeling Infographic – Guest Post


Proper medical marijuana labeling is essential for establishing your product in the marketplace. The first state in the USA to legalize medical cannabis was California in 1996. Nowadays, the majority of states have medical marijuana legalized. However, not all of the states have followed this trend. Thus, there’s no federal law for medical marijuana labels and packaging. Medical marijuana labeling requirements differ depending on the state in which the product is sold, and each medical marijuana product label must be in line with state regulations. Businesses are ought to stay up-to-date with state guidelines when launching their medical marijuana product. They must also ensure that their packages for medical marijuana products are tamper proof, child-proof and in accordance with their local laws.

If you are looking for a medical marijuana label for your state, or just wondering which states have medical marijuana legalized, check out the infographic below. The interactive infographic sheds light on medical marijuana labels, labeling requirements, and laws which apply to each state.

Thank you to and Hannah Findlay for this infographic guest post.

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