National Geographic weighs in on weed

National Geographic weighs in on weed.
National Geographic digs into the cannabis debate in its June 2015 issue.

National Geographic, the venerable magazine about the world that has been published continuously since 1888, has devoted its June 2015 issue to cannabis. It won’t surprise anyone that the article is well written, well researched, and even handed. And it approaches the cannabis debate from a variety of angles.

Read it here: National Geographic cannabis article

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  1. Rod, I am very proud of you for taking on what seems to be stupid laws, but Reality Check, how much EASY MONEY is generated for our ” courts systems, police dept. attorneys, insurance co. ect…” The laws do not have anything to do with protecting our nation from the dangerous pot smoking criminals (who rarely commit real crimes, burglary , robbery ,assault and battery ). Our government has the EASY MONEY Machine in full swing and they are addicted. The real issue is how in the HELL do you expect our govt. to replace the Mega Millions generated daily ! the Votes that keeps them in office ! the uniformed (voters) that thinks another drug addict is off the streets ! The real issue is ” How to replace the Mega Million daily income lottery ” with enough “taxes, fees, usage fees, B/S fees, ect… Most of all the govt. jobs and voters that will be lost without the ( Marijuana’s Mega Millions laws in place. )
    These laws shall not change until we can replace the EASY MONEY machine with taxes, more taxes, more fees, Just give us more money fees, and only then will the Marijuana Mega Million Law be replaced.
    Good Luck and God Bless You for your efforts !

    1. Thanks, Rocky. I completely agree. With respect to cannabis, the laws are not there to protect us. They’re there to keep the status quo for the entrenched money interests. In fact, as you probably know, the original campaign to criminalize it had a lot to do with Hearst and the timber industry’s successful attempt to undermine hemp. It was never about a “dangerous” drug. The current batch of entrenched interests include the pharmaceutical industry, the private prison industry, and the oil/gas industry, all of which are understandably threatened by the legalization of cannabis and hemp. But, money interests aside, we’ll keep fighting the good fight!

  2. Thank you Rocky for this great opinion piece. Cannabis should have never been illegal in the first place. So much science has been coming out about the benefits. I see it being legal within 10 years. Hell Canada just legalized it

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