Rod Quoted In Leafly About CBD

Ben Adlin of Leafly provides timely news and analysis of the cannabis industry.

I recently had a long conversation with Ben Adlin of Leafly. We discussed the current status and likely future of hemp derived CBD. As it turns out, the FDA approved Epidiolex, an oral CBD solution, shortly after we spoke. (I wrote a blog post this week about the FDA approval.) Ben wrote a well thought out and comprehensive article on CBD and the FDA approval for Leafly. It captures the unique, and somewhat unprecedented, situation that the industry currently finds itself. He quoted liberally from our conversation, and from conversations he had with others operating in the hemp space. If you have any interest in hemp-derived CBD the article is a “must read” piece.

You can read Ben’s article, “Is CBD Oil Legal Now? With Epidiolex Approved, It’s Still Not Clear” by clicking here.

Rod Kight is a lawyer based in Asheville, NC. He is licensed in North Carolina and Oregon and represents legal cannabis businesses. You can contact him by clicking here.

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