Kight on Cannabis: The Very First Blog Post

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Welcome to “High as a Kight”, my blog about marijuana. This is the very first post. My name is Rod Kight. I live in Asheville, North Carolina where I practice law, raise five kids, play music, advocate for cannabis legalization, and enjoy life.

I aim to do several things with this blog. First and foremost, I want to convey my thoughts about cannabis. In particular, I intend to focus on business and legal issues. But, I won’t limit myself to those aspects of cannabis. I will also discuss health issues;¬†newsworthy¬†events; funny, interesting, and/or outrageous stories; history; politics; and other cannabis-related items of note. Secondly, I intend to promote myself as a marijuana lawyer. This is a business tool for me which I also hope will be helpful to my past, present, and future clients. I intend to promote products, organizations, and individuals that I believe are worthy of promotion. Finally, I want this blog to be both entertaining and a vehicle for cannabis advocacy. Marijuana should be legal and I want this blog to be a part of the larger legalization movement.

This blog should not be used as legal advice. Aside from the fact that cannabis law is rapidly changing and that some blog posts may eventually be completely out of date (and I don’t have the time to go back and update every pat blog post), the bigger issue is that legal advice necessarily involves a lawyer gathering specific information about a client and then answering questions, preparing strategies, and generally advising and representing a client based on the client’s particular circumstances and the laws that apply. Extrapolating the contents of a blog post and treating them as blanket legal advice or attempting to apply them to your unique situation is a very bad- even dangerous- idea. Don’t do it. Just call or email me. I’ll be happy to help or, if I can’t, work towards putting you in the capable hands of someone who can.

Also, while I hope to be entertaining, you won’t find any “party posts” or wild anecdotes about me or my friends smoking weed. I’m no prude. And I’m pretty laid back. But party posts are simply not the point of this blog.

Please feel free to comment and/or to contact me. If you’re seeking legal advice, call or email me. I don’t check the Comments nearly as often as I check my email and phone calls. Also, contacting me directly is confidential, whereas posting on my Comments section is not. Same with FaceBook.

Thanks for tuning in!

Here’s my direct contact info:

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