Rod Discusses THCa Flower with Shayda Torabi on the To Be Blunt Podcast

Rod Kight discusses THCa flower on the To Be Blunt Podcast.

I recently discussed THCa hemp flower with Shayda Torabi on the To Be Blunt podcast. In this episode, we discuss the legal and practical challenges and risks of THCa hemp flower in the market, including the complexities of THCa flower and its similarities to marijuana, Total THC testing requirements, and the progressive hemp laws in North Carolina and Texas. 

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January 30, 2023

Rod Kight, Cannabis industry attorney

Rod Kight is an international cannabis lawyer. He represents businesses throughout the cannabis industry. Additionally, Rod speaks at cannabis conferences, drafts and presents legislation to foreign governments, is regularly quoted on hemp matters in the media, and is the editor of the Kight on Cannabis legal blog, which discusses legal issues affecting the hemp industry. You can contact him by clicking here

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  1. So happy to find this Podcast! My wife and I are attending a Master of Science in Medical Cannabis Therapeutics program through Pacific College. We were sitting here at the office having a conversation regarding the legality of THCA for the future of our farm operations with expansion into other chemotypes. During our research we found Rod Kight and then discovered your awesome podcast. Cannabis law is important to us as cannabis cultivators, cannabis entrepreneurs, cannabis nurses and registered nurses. We are thankful for this episode and the expertise of Mr. Kight. We have only spoken with one other lawyer versed in cannabis law! We will be reaching out to Mr. Kight! Thank you so much for having him on! We are in Georgia and did all of our research from NC State due to their much earlier pilot program that began in 2016. We are approaching the industry from a medical perspective with nurse derived products to help achieve natural wellness. We grow beyond organic by farming biodynamically which views our whole farm as one synergistic ecosystem. We are thrilled to find your podcast with your experience as a CEO of a CBD podcast. I can’t wait to listen to all your episodes. We went to your website we love what you all are doing.

    1. Thanks for the kind words, Ben. I’m glad to hear that this was helpful. I am originally from GA and appreciate the good work you’re doing there. Please do not hesitate to reach out directly if you need any assistance. -Rod

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