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Is CBD legal in 2020? CB school podcast

CBD School Podcast – #112: Is CBD Legal in 2020? w/ Cannabis Lawyer Rod Kight

January 24, 2020
Rod discusses the intricacies of CBD’s legal status with Vadim Federovsky of the CBD School.
Paving the way for legal hemp and cbd.

Paving the Way for Legal Hemp & CBD

January 22, 2020
Rod discusses his development of the Source Rule for CBD and how his cannabis practice evolved.
Kindred Spirit to Hemp and Marijuana Farmers

Kindred Spirit to Hemp & Marijuana Farmers

January 22, 2020
Rod discusses his respect for hemp farmers.
CBD University Podcast featuring Rod Kight

CBD University Podcast Episode 10 – Introducing the American Journal of Endocannabinoid Medicine

January 6, 2020
Rod talks CBD and hemp with Vadim Federeovsky of CBD University.

Top 5 Cannabis Predictions for 2020

January 2, 2020
2020 will be a historic and transformative year for cannabis, particularly for hemp and CBD. Here are my top 5 predictions.
2019 USDA Hemp Regulations

2019 USDA Hemp Regulations

December 22, 2019
Rod discusses the 2018 Farm Bill’s effect on hemp.
Trouble for U.S. Hemp Industry | USDA Interim Final Rule

Trouble for U.S. Hemp Industry | USDA Interim Final Rule

November 26, 2019
Rod discusses problems with the USDA’s interim final rule that will affect the hemp industry.
Spectrum Labs Podcast - What the new USDA Hemp Regulations Could Mean for the Hemp Industry - With Rod Kight

Spectrum Labs Podcast – What the new USDA Hemp Regulations Could Mean for the Hemp Industry – With Rod Kight

November 8, 2019
Rod discusses the USDA’s interim final rule with Jason De Los Santos of Spectrum Labs.

FDA and AHPA Convey Similar Message to Cannabis and CBD Industry

August 16, 2019
The “wild west” days of manufacturing and selling cannabis products outside the sphere of regulatory influence are rapidly coming to an end.

Rod Talks Cannabis With Tom Howard (Video)

March 24, 2019
I recently talked cannabis law with attorney Tom Howard. We discussed cannabis law, CBD, THC testing, marijuana legal trivia, emerging trends, and lots of other things. Here’s the video.

CBD, Hemp, and the FDA- The Video Primer You Need (by Klee Irwin)

February 11, 2019
This video by Klee Irwin teases out and summarizes the current pertinent issues regarding hemp and CBD that everyone should know.

Rod Interviewed by CBD School (Podcast)

January 6, 2019
Rod recently spoke with CBD School on the 2018 Farm Bill and the future of hemp and CBD.

Rod Talks With Coach Freddie of the iHemp Revolution

July 16, 2018
I recently spoke with Coach Freddie about hemp, B-corps, and the future…

Rod Talks Hemp with Ashevegas in New Podcast

July 12, 2018
                I had a great…

Rod Kight Interviewed by The Cannabist About CBD

January 25, 2018
Rod was interviewed on December 29, 2017 by Alicia Wallace of The…

Analysis of the Sessions Marijuana Memo – Video

January 4, 2018
Earlier today, Attorney General Jeff Sessions issued a memo regarding marijuana. I…

Rod Interviewed at

October 2, 2017
Rod Kight has Been interviewed by on Target’s removal of CBDs…

Rod Talks CBD with Bill Fisher of Golden Grail Technology

August 14, 2017
In April, Rod was interviewed by Bill Fisher, CEO at Golden…

Rod talks with Coach Freddie on the iHemp Revolution podcast

February 24, 2016
Hemp lawyer Rod Kight was recently approached by Coach Freddie of the…

Rod discusses welfare drug tests on WLOS

February 11, 2016
Rod Kight was asked to speak with Frank Kracher of WLOS, an…